When a pet becomes sick or suffers an injury, it’s not always easy to tell that something’s wrong on the surface of the skin. What’s more, many animals are able to mask illness for a long time before symptoms begin to manifest, making it much more challenging to address and treat the underlying problem once it’s progressed. To truly manage your pet’s ongoing health, we need to be able to examine them on the inside. That’s where veterinary diagnostics come into play. These tools allow our experienced doctors to learn exactly what’s going on inside your pet’s body so that we can quickly and efficiently diagnose and treat the problem. The sooner we can get to the bottom of whatever is ailing your companion, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

East Lake Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic services to help extend and improve the lives of our patients. These services include routine laboratory tests, such as blood work, urinalysis and parasite testing, as well as more advanced and in-depth testing like radiology (x-ray imaging). We use these tools to gather important information about how your pet’s body is functioning and to identify any inconsistencies or abnormalities that may be present. For those tests that require a speedy turnaround, our in-house laboratory allows us to reach a fast and accurate diagnosis so an appropriate treatment plan can be developed and implemented.

When it comes to detecting illness or injury, sometimes an external exam just isn’t enough. The veterinary diagnostics that we use at East Lake Veterinary Hospital provide us with everything we need to stay on top of the ongoing health of our patients.

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